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Ballet Fusion Fitness is home to Ballerobica, a unique ballet based workout
that concentrates on core stability, strength and balance. Ballerobica utilizes
the fundamentals of ballet to achieve a total body workout that develops long
lean muscles, tones the thighs, lifts the bottom and burns calories. Ballerobica
is practiced in the center and at the ballet barre to yield optimal results. All
classes are set to sweat inspiring music and are taught to the skill level of
the class. No Dance Experience is Necessary to achieve a dancers body.

Lisa is the founder and Artistic Director of Ballerobica and Ballet Fusion Fitness Studio. Lisa has 28 years of classical ballet training, a minor in dance, a major in molecular biology, and a masters in business. She worked as a biochemist doing cancer research for the last decade before following her true passion. She is ACE certified and has been teaching all types of fitness for the last 18 years. 6 years ago she created Ballerobica, a ballet based workout that utilizes a ballet barre and a persons own body weight. After a year of testing and tweaking the program, she created the Ballerobica DVD series and began teaching classes as well as certifying other instructors around the world. Lisa LOVES to teach and has truly found her passion with Ballerobica and now, Ballet Fusion Fitness. She is really looking forward to meeting new people, making friends, and sharing her love with you.

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