Each month, we will be showcasing one of our clients. This month, we are featuring Haley Stermon.

How did you find BFF?
I found BFF through Google of all places! I was wanting to take a dance class in a studio that only had adults in it and not kids/teenagers in the class as well. I went on Google and searched adult dance classes near me, and BFF was the first place that popped up. I thought I would give this place a try, and I have been here ever since!

How long ago did you take your first class, and what was the first class you ever took?
I took my first class about 3 years ago. The first class I took was Ballerobica, and it kicked my butt!

What is your biggest accomplishment at BFF? How about your biggest challenge?
My biggest accomplishment at BFF is dancing on pointe. I thought because I didn’t do ballet when I was younger and that I was starting at an older age, I wouldn’t be able to dance on pointe. But with taking classes and the teachers helping and encouraging me, I was able to get onpointe. Pointe work is challenging enough, but as for my biggest challenge, it would be trusting myself. Whether I am in a ballet class on flat or on pointe or even an aerobics class, I need to trust and believe in myself that I can do these steps without falling or hurting myself.

What is your favorite thing about BFF?
What I love about BFF is everyone is so nice and friendly. When I first joined BFF, the staff and customers were welcoming and very helpful. Also, no one is competing with each other. We are all working on ourselves and not worrying about what others are thinking about each other, and I love that about BFF.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying BFF but isn’t sure?
I would tell them it is a great way to work out. Not only can you dance, but there are many different types of aerobics classes to take. I have learned from coming to BFF that you are never too old to dance. Just try a class and see for yourself how much fun it will be!

All of the teachers are very knowledgeable and are wanting to help everyone out. The staff at BFF really care about their clients and because of this, I and many others have been able to follow their dream. Thank you, BFF!

Thank you, Haley! We are so happy you decided to be part of the BFF family!


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