Each month, we will be showcasing one of our instructors. This month, we are featuring Lindsay Dahlin.

Lindsay Dahlin Fitness InstructorTell us a little about your dance background.
I began performing and competing in jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet and cheerleading at the age of 5. I trained at Plumb Performing Arts Center in Scottsdale before moving to Southern California where I danced on my high school’s varsity dance team. I then attended UCLA where I split my time dancing on the UCLA dance team and performing as a Clippers Spirit dancer for the NBA. After receiving my B.A. in Sociology, I joined the Los Angeles Lakers Girls and started dancing and acting in the entertainment industry. Some of my credits include: Ironman 2, NFL Pro Bowl Halftime Show, America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show, American Country Awards, House M.D., The Conan Show, Sizzler Restaurants, IPad, Big Lots, Salonpas, Kmart and more. My proudest accomplishment is traveling overseas to Kuwait and Iraq to perform for our US Armed Forces.

Tell us about how you first came to BFF.
I just moved back to Arizona from California in January and I was looking for a barre studio that I could potentially work at. In California I worked as a barre and dance/fitness instructor for 3 years. I really wanted to find something similar, so I searched “barre studios” in google maps. BFF was listed and it was quite close to where I lived. Once I checked out the website and saw all that BFF offered, I knew I wanted work here. I sent an email through the contact us option on the website and I came in and did a demo class. I was then offered a position as an instructor and I was so excited for the opportunity.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at BFF?Lindsay Dahlin Fitness Instructor
I love teaching at BFF because there is so much variety! There is no other studio quite like BFF. We are always adding new and fun fitness and dance classes while staying true to our ballet instruction. But it’s great because this keeps things fresh and interesting for our clientele and the instructors. I am able to teach several different types of classes and use my creativity as a dancer and fitness instructor.

What is your favorite thing to teach at BFF, either a class or a skill?
I really enjoy teaching our 90-minute workshops that we offer once a month because this class offers a little bit of everything to our clients. We incorporate cardio, ballet, barre, hip-hop, weights, bands, HIIT and more. There are no limits for this class and I love that!

If someone was thinking about joining but wasn’t sure, what would you tell them?
Go for it! BFF is such an awesome studio with the most amazing, qualified instructors I’ve ever met. I felt so welcome as soon as I stepped foot into BFF and these ladies are like family now. I look forward to teaching and taking class every week and I know that all the instructors here feel the same way. It’s a great workout and I guarantee you will have fun! And try all the different types of classes to see what fits you best. We have something for everyone!

Thank you so much, Lindsay! It hasn’t been that long, but it feels like you’ve been part of the team since the start!

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