Each month, we will be showcasing one of our clients. This month, we are featuring Lisa Riordan.

Lisa Riordan ClientHow did you find BFF?
I was referred to BFF by one of my burlesque instructors. My first class was Ballerobica, after which I had trouble moving for two days–in a good way!!

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting at BFF? What about your biggest challenge?
My biggest accomplishment is not just the change I’ve seen in my body, but the way others have noticed it… my shoulders, arms, and legs are more sculpted, and my company mates have said that I’m moving in a much more “dancer-ly” way. My biggest challenge has been getting past the fact that I’m not a 22-year-old, super bendy size 2, and that that’s ok. To me, BFF is about embracing your own personal fitness journey & loving your body & what it can do.

What is your favorite thing about BFF?Lisa Riordan Client
What I love about BFF is twofold: the workouts are FANTASTIC. They never get easy; you just get better. They’re always challenging. The second part is the vibe and camaraderie of the students & instructors. Everyone is kind and welcoming and fun, and yet we all know we’re there because we want to get our asses kicked!!! We’re all on our own fitness journey, and it’s great to see so many women committing themselves to a healthy lifestyle, whatever form that takes for THEM.

If someone is thinking about trying BFF but isn’t sure, what would you tell them?
If someone is curious but unsure about taking a class at BFF, I say just give it a shot. You won’t find a better, more varied workout anywhere, and I would bet that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better environment 🙂

Thank you so much, Lisa! We are super lucky to have you as part of the BFF Family!

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