Each month, we will be showcasing one of our clients. This month, we are featuring Heather Howe.

How did you find BFF?
I found BFF when a coworker told me about the Groupon and I tried out the three classes and fell in love.

How long ago did you take your first class, and what was the first class you ever took?
My first class was ballet level 2 over a year and a half ago, because I was rusty from being out of dance for so many years.

What is your biggest accomplishment at BFF? How about your biggest challenge?
My biggest accomplishment is getting back into ballet and contemporary. I grew up at a ballet studio, but hadn’t had a chance to dance as an adult after I turned 18. My biggest challenge is staying consistent with ballet, but I still come for aerobic classes when I am able.

What is your favorite thing about BFF?
I love everything about BFF. I always wanted to get more experience in contemporary, which is one of my favorite dance classes now. I am also able to do ballet with experienced ballet teachers and with other adults in a class the mirrors my preprofessional experience at a studio growing up. I love the mix of aerobic and dance classes that allows for variety. I never get bored of exercising. I love the cool and unique classes like African cardio, cardio dance fusion, club bff, and lyrical jazz. I love the energy and friendliness of the teachers. And I love that it’s a place to get to do what I love, dance.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying BFF but isn’t sure?
For anyone who wants to try BFF, try a class for free and see what you think. Try a few classes, dance or aerobics. If you want to be active, have fun in a vibrant and judgement free environment, and learn how to dance; you’ll love BFF too.

Thank you, Heather! We are so happy you decided to be part of the BFF family!

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